Marathon Barcelona Bracafé 31-March-2019 with Ms. Wakana Fukushima for BS Asahi TV – Japan. 

Last 31-March-2019, Ms. Wakana Fukushima , sports journalist at BS Asahi TV in Japan , was running the Barcelona 2019 Marathon, and during the run she visited the most important and characteristic places in Barcelona. When she had run 40 km. , she arrived at Bracafé – Comte d’Urgell,35 – Barcelona , where she stopped some minutes to look the way of roasting coffee, the quality of coffee beans and to smell the aroma and enjoy the taste of a freshly roasted coffee. She also liked to taste an orange juice, made at that moment for her. Orange juice is a beverage that japanese people like a lot. After that, she went on running and finished the Marathon after running 5h.30′.47″. Congratulations to this brave lady and thank you very much for her visit at our coffee roaster factory and our coffee show-room.

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